Electric Bentley: the EXP-10 Speed 6 Will Be an EV

Bentley EXP-10

Last spring, Bentley brought its bold and exciting EXP-10 Speed 6 concept car to the shores of Lake Geneva, where it wowed the crowds as the Geneva auto show. And why not? This is one sexy automobile. It literally oozes testosterone and money.

At the time, Bentley Chairman and CEO Wolfgang Dürheimer said, “The show car has the potential to be the new pinnacle luxury two-seat sports car. it offers thrilling, driver-oriented performance, complete with trademark modern Bentley luxury and effortlessness.” He hinted that the car would be a plug-in hybrid. After all, not even Bentley can ignore the ever tightening emissions standards that are set to go into effect in Europe and the rest of the world very soon.

No one has any idea what the name of the car means and Bentley is playing its cards very close to the vest. Is it a 10 cylinder beast with a 6 speed transmission? We just don’t know. But lately, Dürheimer revealed to CNET that the car has received “the best feedback we’ve ever had for a Bentley that’s gone to a production clinic.” He says most potential customers tell him, “‘You know what? Shut up, just do as it looks.”

John Steed Bentley
John Steed drives a Bentley in The Avengers TV series. Credit: Pinterest

Bentley has not yet committed to building this bewitching coupe, but if it does, Dürheimer says “We are planning to do EXP-10 Speed 6 pure electric, at present. We think this could push luxury and then sports car business to a new direction, and could be again groundbreaking for Bentley Motors.” So, does this first-ever electric Bentley mean the brand is moving beyond the enormous internal combustion engines it has been known for since the company began? Not necessarily.

Making the EXP-10 Speed 6 first as an electric “doesn’t mean that the car will not come additionally with a combustion engine at a later stage,” Dürheimer insists.

So when can you potter down to your local dealer and buy an electric Bentley EXP-10 Speed 6 for yourself? Probably not until 2019, at the earliest, as the company has quite a lot on its plate for the moment. But when the electric Bentley does arrive, expect it to have at least 300 miles of range … not that range is a huge issue for most Bentley owners, who typically count a minimum of 6 automobiles among their transportation options?

And the price? As usual with vehicles of this type, if you have to ask, you can’t afford it.


Electric Bentley EXP-10 Speed 6

Bentley EXp-10


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