BMW i3 Shadow Sport Includes Rare Sunroof Option

BMW i3 Shadow Sport

If you live in the US and want a BMW i3 with a sunroof, you are out of luck. The popular option is available Europe and the UK, but hasn’t been available on this side of the pond. Until now. BMW has just announced a limited edition i3 called the Shadow Sport. It features Fluid Black paint, a Deka World dark gray interior with electric blue accents, special 19″ alloy wheels, sport tuned susension — and a sunroof.

Mechanically, the Shadow Sport is identical to the regular BMW i3, says Green Car Reports. Same range, same battery, same technology. What is not the same is the price. The Shadow Sport is priced at $47,000 — $5,000 more than than the regular car. If you want it, you better move fast. BMW is only bringing 50 of them stateside.

It will be unveiled publicly for the first time at the Los Angeles Auto Show this month, having previously been part of a reveal on Periscope. The Shadow Sport is not available with the range extender engine. BMW quotes a 0 to 60 mph time of 7.0 seconds and a top speed of 93 mph for the all-electric i3.

BMW i3 Shadow Sport

The BMW i3 is set for a range increase in 2017, although the company has not provided details about how much more range owners can expect. The Chevy Volt and Nissan LEAF both have 25% more range available this year, so that is the target BMW will be anxious to achieve. Both the Volt and the LEAF have more powerful batteries, but improvements in battery technology allow both of them to fit within the same space as before.

Why is BMW only making 50 Shadow Sport cars? Probably as a market research experiment. If it sells all of them, it may offer more special editions. If the cars languish on dealer lots, that will tell BMW it had better come up with something other than fancy wheels and new colors to increase sales.

The car looks terrific in its all black Shadow Sport guise. I wouldn’t be surprised if all 50 of them are spoken for by the time you read this.



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