“I Made A Mistake, I Bought a Jeep” Video Goes Viral

Teg Sethi is an Australian with a grudge — a grudge against Jeep. He says he paid $60,000 for a brand new Jeep Grand Cherokee, but has had a litany of problems with the car. He says it has been towed several times, but his local Jeep dealer has given him the old “Oh, they all do that,” routine. Finally, he says the dealer and Fiat Chrysler Australia basically told him to “bugger off.” For those of you who are not up on your Australian slang, that’s the equivalent of dropping an F Bomb on the man.

Australia has no “lemon law” like we are used to in the US. So Sehti decided to get creative. He got a bunch of friends together and created a video detailing his travails with the car. It’s mean, it’s biting, and it’s funny as hell! Of course, he uploaded it to YouTube, where it has gone viral. Not the kind of publicity Chrysler wants for one of their top selling cars.

Customer complaints are nothing new for Fiat Chrysler. According to The Wall Street Journal, the company’s 3rd quarter profits tumbled by 90%, thanks to the cost of various recall campaigns in progress or scheduled in the near future. Four months ago, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration fined the auto maker $105 million for its not finishing recall campaigns. It also ordered the company to repurchase about 200,000 Ram pickups and Dodge sport-utility vehicles it had failed to correctly fix in 2013.

Chrysler’s overall quality under Fiat’s reign, or lack thereof, has not gone unnoticed by the folks at Consumer Reports, either. CR has ranked most of the company’s models near the bottom of its reliability ratings.

Will Teg Sethi get satisfaction for his misbehaving Jeep? If Fiat Chrysler has any sense, they will do everything they can to make this man happy — before he makes another video about the “regular” Cherokee!




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