Volkswagen Admits to Cheating w/ Other Diesels, Too


Things just keep getting worse and worse for Volkswagen. After being caught cheating emissions tests worldwide with more than 11 million 2.0 liter TDi engines, the company faces billions in fines and losses both in the stock market and in terms of the public trust. Well, it turns out the 2.0 TDi owners aren’t alone- Volkswagen may be cheating with its newest 3.0 TDi V6, as well.

This news impacts thousands of Volkswagen, Audi, and Porsche diesels fitted with the company’s 3.0 liter TDi engine. The “cheat”, in this case, is also believed to be software related, and it has been revealed that VW’s 1.4 liter diesels (common in Europe and Asia) emit some 900% more harmful nitrous oxide than is legally allowed when the cheat is disabled.

That’s not a typo, either. It really is 900%- nine times- worse than the legal limit.

This latest rumor of V6 diesels cheating tests also explains why Porsche (a Volkswagen brand) halted sales of its diesel-engined Cayenne SUV in the US earlier this week, and calls the future of the VW Touareg TDi- the company’s only remaining diesel offering in the US– into question, too.

What do you guys think? Is this latest bad news out of Volkswagen something the iconic company can fix with firings and gift cards, or does something more radical need to happen to make things right?


Sources | Images: VW and Automotive News, via Motorpasion.

Jo Borrás

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