Formula E Officially More Popular Than Formula 1


The all-electric Formula E racing series has proven to be quite successful in its first full year of operation. There was a lot of optimism for the series when it began its 2015 campaign, but I don’t think anyone foresaw this happening: according to the TV ratings, Formula E has greater popularity in North America than F1.

I’ll give you a chance to ponder what that means for the future of F1 in the US, and — more importantly — the future of the electric motor as a real, high-performance option, in general, while you read the official Apex Racing PR announcement, below …

The US has a growing appetite for electric racing according to the latest TV viewing figures, which demonstrate that Formula E has greater popularity in North America than F1.

The Nielson ratings demonstrated that the Putrajaya ePrix coverage on FOX scored a 1.2 overnight rating for the replay on Sunday afternoon – a higher rating than any F1 race achieved this year in the US, with the Monaco Grand Prix drawing a peak rating of 1.1 as the most watched race.

The live broadcast of the Putrajaya race on FOX drew 60,000 viewers, despite its early morning billing. It is believed that the Sunday replay of the race received a boost in viewers owing to the NFL game that preceded it.

In contrast, NASCAR drew a 2.6 overnight rating, its highest of the year to date, while the much-billed MotoGP title showdown generated an average of 130,000 viewers on Sunday morning on Fox Sports 1, according to

These are impressive figures for Formula E as the burgeoning series is just two races into its second season, particularly when competing with established motorsport categories, as well as one of the most intense and promoted title showdowns in recent MotoGP history.

Formula E returns to the US for the Long Beach ePrix on 2nd April 2016.


… then ask you to weigh in on what Formula E’s ratings might mean for the hybrid-reliant Formula 1 and ethanol-heavy IndyCar series in the comments section at the bottom of the page. Don’t forget that Formula E is getting ready for some big changes in 2016 and beyond — do you think they’ll ruin a winning formula?

Let us know!


Sources | Images: Apex Racing PR, via Andretti Autosport.

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