Third Date: 2016 Scion iA


The new for 2016 Scion iA promised a fun, sporty drive with a tiny footprint and big mile per gallon numbers. The car made a great first impression, but what do I think of the car after a few dates days?


How Was It?

2016 Scion iA Rear Seat Legroom

For the first few days of my Scion iA test drive, I was completely smitten with the little car. It was fun- a word which seems to pop up often in my Mazda Miata and Mazda 6 reviews, as well- and seemed to be a car built by people who didn’t think it was OK to punish entry level buyers. This seemed, truly, like a car that I might (gasp!) like to spend my own actual money on. That is, until I tried to fit two adults, a twelve year old, and a toddler in the thing.

Like the Chevy Trax I tested a few weeks ago, the Scion iA is a bit too small for even a small family- and will be totally impractical once baby number three shows up next year. This fact was highlighted when the toddler, who was perched in the middle seat to buy some legroom for the front passengers, spent the entire two-plus hour drive to Wisconsin absolutely kicking the s*** out of both front seats.

It was not an awesome experience.


What Do I Expect Now?


It’s hard to say where we go from here, because I’m alone in any car between eighty and ninety percent of the time- and the Scion iA is a great car for a single driver. It’s that drive to daycare/school every morning that would underline the car’s shortcomings. Even so, it’s a horrible family car- but it’s survivable, and it has been giving back some pretty decent fuel economy figures over the last four hundred miles or so.

This one will require a bit more soul-searching.


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