Envision Solar Embraces America’s Veterans

In advance of Veterans Day here in the US, CleanTechnica, Gas 2, and other Important Media sites will be working to bring you some relevant news from the military field, and first up is Envision Solar’s fleet of portable solar-powered EV charging stations. Portable scavenged energy is emerging as a tactical advantage in military operations, and it’s not a coincidence that Envision is keen on hiring veterans. In an exclusive email to CleanTechnica, Envision CEO and President Desmond Wheatley shared some personal thoughts about the mutual attraction between employment in the renewable energy sector and veterans returning to civilian life.

Here is Wheatley’s note to CleanTechnica in full:

We work with Wounded Warrior and the Honor Foundation as well as direct command connections in the Corps today. We also have so many veterans here now that word of mouth works well for us. Veterans, particularly Marine Corps combat veterans, work very well in our environment because they have an excellent mind set where doing the difficult things is concerned.

Those of them who have fought in the deserts of the Middle East also understand, better than anyone, why it’s so important to get America off oil and driving on sunshine instead.

We are inventing and manufacturing products for very young industries. There is no play book – we have to be very adaptable and we have to be able to deal with stress and change without flinching and with a smile. We are on a dramatic growth curve and as a result we often don’t have all the resources that a well established org would have to complete the growing number of tasks in front of us. We have to make do with what we’ve got and create excellence with less.

Marines who have been through testing times are comfortable with that type of environment. They have a good sense of humor and are not easily offended. They love what they are doing and they bring an energy and determination which allows us to punch way above our weight.

I’m very proud of the team and what they are accomplishing. We invented the world’s only transportable solar powered EV charging station. We manufacture it in San Diego, it’s an American made product. It allows EVs to be truly emissions free and it does not cause any environmental impact when it’s deployed.

We have a patent on it, our Solar Tree™ and our sun tracking system EnvisionTrak™. Every time we deliver an EV ARC™ to a new location we put another dead gas pump sticker on our ARC Mobility™ specialized hydraulic deliver trailer, like a fighter pilot chalking up kills.

We’re on a mission and there’s a definite moment of pride every time another EV ARC™ leaves the factory which is happening daily now and with increasing velocity.


Portable EV Charging Stations


If Envision Solar rings a bell, just last February our sister site Gas2.org revisited a TED talk by Wheatley from several years ago on transportation electrification, with solar powered EV charging at the heart of a sea change in the way human beings capture, convert, and use energy.

IM first caught up with Envision back in 2010, when the company began marketing compact solar powered EV charging stations with the potential for residential application, as a spinoff from its broader expertise with solar parking lots.

The company has fine-tuned its approach to the transportable EV charging market since then. Its EV ARC™ charging station is designed to fit into a single parking space without impinging on other spaces, which is a key advantage parking-starved commuter communities and downtown business districts.

With no need for a foundation or other surface attachment, the whole thing can be hitched up and transported just about anywhere a pickup truck can go.


Your Pick-up May Vary

portable solar powered EV charging station3

The combination of slim design, easy transportation, and no-foundation engineering also enables the EV charging station to be deployed temporarily as needed, adjacent to buildings or in other tight spots, and in areas where there is no delineated parking.


Parking? Where We’re Going We Won’t Need … Parking.

portable EV charging station

With a patented tracking system, the solar panel collects enough energy to provide for up to 150 miles of driving and the integrated storage system enables night-time charging.

Over the summer Envision won a contract to supply its portable EV charging stations to the State of California for workplace EV charging, and the company delivered the first load in a series for that order in September. The delivery provided Envision with an opportunity to demonstrate the quick set-up for its EV charging stations, which were deployed “within minutes”.


Originally published by Cleantechnica.

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