All I Want for Christmas: Arkham Knight Batmobile Go-kart

Halloween isn’t even here, yet, but the drug stores and shopping malls are already starting to dust off the Christmas ornaments and holiday playlists. If you’re name is Francis and you happen to be a Batman-obsessed super gamer from San Diego, California, however, you already got the best thing you’re going to get this year: a custom-built, Arkham Knight Batmobile Go-kart.

Francis actually won a Super Gamer Builds contest to get his go-kart built by a number of talented artists and craftsmen. They, in turn, took a more-or-less standard two-seat go-kart and- through the magic of foam modeling and fiberglass molds- turned into the Arkham Knight-inspired Batmokart Batmobile you see here.

Granted, it may not be as green as Ben Affleck’s rumored “hybrid” Batman v. Superman Batmobile or as fast as the Nissan Deltawing that I thought really should have been the Dark Knight’s new ride- but, ya’ gotta admit, this is one seriously sweet gamer build.

So, I guess it’s time to congratulate Francis on his win (Congrats, Francis!), then complain about what a total waste of time and resources a video game inspired, non street-legal go kart really is in the comments section. Enjoy!


Arkham Knight Batmobile Kart on the Move

batmobile go kart

Source | Images: Super Gamer Builds, via Gizmodo Toyland.


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