Acura NSX Introduced At Sonoma Raceway

This week, Honda invited some lucky journalists to come to Sonoma, California to test drive the all new Acura NSX. Four years in the making, the new Acura supercar is, quite frankly, the best car Honda knows how to build. It is designed to do one thing and one thing only — drive as if it is an extension of the driver’s own neurons.

In its technical press release, Honda calls it a “zero delay” car. Press down on the throttle and the car instantly leaps forward in a seamless rush of acceleration. Touch the brake pedal and the car responds immediately with linear, fade free braking. And turning? Oh, my. With an electric motor for each front wheel and a third nestled behind the engine, advanced torque vectoring means just the right amount of power is applied to each wheel. The result? Cornering that is as much an extension of the psyche as it is a physical endeavor.

Is the Acura NSX the fastest car ever built? Does it have a Ridiculous Mode built into its software? No, but it has something even better — a total performance package that is unmatched by any other car intended to be driving daily. This is not some hypercar that has to be kept in a hermetically sealed cocoon at the factory when not it use. It doesn’t take a cadre of clinicians a day to prepare it for driving. It’s a turn the key and go anywhere at any time machine that transcends the ordinary.


2017 Acura NSX


What makes it so good? Start with a lightwweight, ultra stiff chassis that uses the very latest multi-material bonding techniques. Add to that a hand built, twin turbo V-6 mated to a 9 speed dual clutch transmission and enhanced with an electric motor to drive the rear wheels. Throw in a dedicated electric motor for each front wheel. Then wrap it all in a contemporary concoction of curves and creases that puts three times as much aerodynamic load on the rear of the car as the front without using movable flaps, wings or appendages.

The Acura NSX will be assembled by 100 selected technicians at Honda’s Performance Manufacturing Center in Marysville, Ohio. It’s powertrain will be assembled by master engine builders at its Anna, Ohio engine facility. It’s dual front electric motors will be built in Japan and shipped to Ohio. The new Acura NSX does not do only one thing well. It does everything well and in a way that rewards regular drivers and experienced professionals alike. It’s the blend of comfort and agility that elevates it to supercar status.

Steve Hanley

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