Celebrate Back to the Future Day With the Toyota Mirai

If the DeLorean was the award-winning star of the classic sci-fi franchise Back to the Future, then Marty McFly’s black Toyota 4×4 was the best supporting actor. The truck’s significance as a symbol in BTTF was not lost on Toyota, and neither was the connection between the film’s famous “Mr. Fusion” power source and the landfill-sourced biogas that creates the hydrogen fuel used by the new Toyota Mirai hydrogen fuel cell car.

Toyota enlisted the human stars of Back to the Future to help promote the new Mirai while, at the same time, celebrating October 21, 2015- today!- the day that Marty McFly and Doc Brown traveled into the far-off, distant future to witness flat screen TVs, video phone calls, and hoverboards … which means that, after today, all of BTTF takes place in the past.

That’s a bummer, sure- but this is as good a commercial for the new Toyota Mirai as you’re likely to get, and there’s enough Easter Eggs thrown in to make it a fun watch for any proper McFly fan … and, the best part? You won’t have to look at those ridiculous Facebook spam posts about fake Back to the Future days, anymore. Enjoy!


Toyota Mirai | Back to the Future

Source | Images: Back to the Future; Toyota.

Jo Borrás

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