Dramatic Changes for Season 2 of Formula E (w/ Video)

Autocar drives a Formula E race car on track

Starting next year, the regulations of Formula E will loosen up a bit, allowing each team to develop their own unique electric power plants and drive trains. Some of the teams are already reporting significant gains — up to 20kW — with help from their more established Formula 1 partners, with more still to come.

What will that mean for the fledgling race series? Basically, it means that the teams will no longer have technological parity (for better or for worse), and that each team could have its own, unique sound. You can find out more about what season 2 has in store for Formula E by watching their “what’s new” style video, below, along with their own description underneath that.


Dramatic Changes To Drive Trains For Season 2

Teams can now develop their own drive trains, which will not only provide improved performance, but will give each of the cars their own unique sound. The development of new gearboxes and drive trains is a big step forward, helping Formula E achieve its goal of developing cutting-edge electric car technology.


Source | Images: Formula E, via Motorsport.

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