VW’s US Chief Quits After Just 2 Weeks On the Job

VW US Chief Resigns

VW’s newly-designated North America chief Winfried Vahland has resigned from the company after just a few days on the job of fixing the brand’s image in the US. Which, in case you haven’t been paying attention, is probably a bad sign for Volkswagen.

According to various confirmed sources, Vahland is leaving the VW group due to “differences of opinion” over VW’s ongoing US strategy. The same strategy which saw the company pull virtually all its diesel-engine cars from its website a few weeks ago and has it currently waffling over what to do with the nearly 500,000 US cars fitted with the EPA emissions test “cheating” device that led to the scandal which led to Vahland getting the big office in the US in the first place.

Are you following all that?

Sources had told Reuters that Vahland had previously been considered a potential candidate to succeed Winterkorn as VW CEO when he was named head of US operations. But — obviously — that won’t be happening now.


Sources: Jalopnik, Reuters.

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