Tannus Tires: Airless Bicycle Tires Are Here (w/ Video)

As any one of the numerous, well-dressed bicyclists of Chicago will no doubt tell you, getting a flat on your bike totally sucks. What’s worse, threats to bicycle tires abound in urban environments, from wheel-bending potholes to screws and nails carelessly discarded by construction crews to the inexplicable whims of the Cosmos as it doles out Karma. On some days, it seems like your bike’s tires are just doomed to leak air- but not these tires.

Welcome to the ago of airless bicycle tires!


Tannus Airless Bicycle Tires | Tech


They’re called Tannus tires, and they’re made possible by a micro closed-cell polymer resin called “Aither” that’s somewhat foam-ish in nature (similar to the soles used in lightweight running shoes) and 100% solid, requiring no air to deliver a safe, smooth, and comfortable bike ride.

In addition to making your daily commute a little more predictable, the Tannus airless bicycle tires offer real-world benefits similar to those built into airless car and ATV tires, which are currently proving their worth on literal battlegrounds, and not just, you know, urban commuter “battlegrounds”.

You can learn more about these airless bicycle tires (and see some of the pretty colors you can get them in) by watching the video, above. Then let us know what you think of the future of airless tires on your car/bike/tank in the comments section at the bottom of the page.


Source | Images: Tannus tires, via Dude I Want That.

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