Meet Mercedes-Benz’ Off-Road Adventure Sprinter

Mercedes Sprinter RV

“It’s got 4WD, it’s got low-range. Crawling angles are 28 approach, 27 departure, 25 breakover,” writes Andrew Collins, as he describes the latest Mercedes-Benz off-roader he’s been invited to test under the wide-open Colorado sky. But he wasn’t going over the specs of some other massive, overweight SUV. Instead, he was describing an RV. A camper van built on the solid, rugged bones of the 2015 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Sportsmobile.

We’re big fans of Mercedes and Sprinter-based campers here, whether they’re of the solar/bio-diesel variety or the smaller, V-class based “glampers“. Both of those, however, can get to be pretty pricey.

“Obviously you could buy a really nice Jeep, a camping loadout that would last you through the zombie apocalypse, and quite a few hotel room splurges for this kind of money. But some people like the bring-your-own-all-inclusive sleepover experience,” explains Collins. “And, for that, the Sportsmobile is hard to beat.”

You can find out more about Mercedes’ latest $100,000, go-anywhere off-roader by checking out the original article by Collins’, over at Truck Yeah. He’s got a ton of great photos of the Sprinter Sportsmobile, as well as some shots of the inside taht are definitely worth checking out. I’ve put a few of my favorites, below, but definitely encourage you to check it out. Enjoy!


Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Sportsmobile




Source | More Photos: Truck Yeah, via Jalopnik.

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