Jay Leno Buys Model S as Apology for Late-Night Call

Way back when, back when Elon Musk was still struggling to get Tesla off the ground and the first Tesla Roadsters were first reaching owners’ hands, Elon Musk gave late-night talk show host and certified car nut Jay Leno his phone number. Like, his personal cell phone number — as well as permission to call “any time” to set up a factory tour.

The story goes that Leno, being a polite and reserved person IRL, never actually called Musk. That is, until videos started circulating of Tesla’s crazy-fast Model S sedans beating up on big-bore muscle cars. Leno decided it was time to take Musk up on his offer and gave him a call one sunny California afternoon.

The problem? Elon Musk was fast asleep in China, in the middle of the night, when Jay’s call came in. You can get the rest of the story “straight from the horse’s mouth” in the video, above — and don’t feel too badly for Elon. Jay bought a $120,000 Tesla Model S P90D as an “apology” for waking him up.


Source | Images: CNBC, via EVObsession.

Jo Borrás

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