Ronin Race Bike is Ready for Dystopian Pike’s Peak Future


When Harley-Davidson’s criminally stupid management decided to drop the company’s line of beloved Buell sport bikes in favor of Indian-sourced sub-cruisers and an all-electric concept bike that’s already a few years late to the party, it was upsetting to everyone who knew how to appreciate quick, nimble motorcycles. Despite some fits and starts, it’s time to acknowledge that Harley dropping them is the end of Buell … but it’s also where Magpul Ronin begins.

The Magpul Ronin is an aggressively styled race bike built around a new linkage fork that the company claims improves ride while making the Buell chassis (no slouch in the handling department, by the way) feel even racier. The Rotax engine is cooled by a radiator mounted front and center in the fork, which has been made a centerpiece of the design in very much the same sort of simple, honest way that the Jeep Wragler’s 7-slot grille is, rightfully, the centerpiece of that classic design. In a shade that resembles a classic “army green”, the design similarity is even more apparent.

Still, looking up at the race bike up there, rocketing up Pike’s Peak at the Race for the Clouds, it might be hard to get a sense of how good-looking the Magpul Ronin really is. Check out these pictures:


Magpul Ronin Buell | Ready to Race

So, yeah. I think you can see that this is way beyond reality-TV bike “building” nonsense. You can learn more about the Ronin in a new book from Bike EXIF called The Ride: 2nd Gear, which goes into much more detail about this, and many other kickass bikes. Enjoy!


Source | Photos: Bike EXIF, via Petrolicious.

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