Top Secret Honda: “Baby” NSX Hybrid Coming in 2018


When Honda first launched the Acura NSX, the car redefined enthusiasts’ expectations of what a super car could and should be. Fast, nimble, eye-grabbing, and utterly reliable, the NSX paved the way for the modern water-cooled Porsches and Audi R8s we take for granted today. It’s been more than twenty years since then, however, and Honda has spent the last few of those teasing us with images and videos of an all-new, hybrid powered NSX — but that may just be the tip of a secret and sporty Honda iceberg.

Honda’s new-age Beat, the S660, is already in production- and Honda may be about to resurrect the spirit of the S2000 roadster with the car you see in the trademark/patent drawings, below. While it has no official name, it’s being called Honda’s Baby NSX, and it’s expected to debut sometime in 2017 as a 2018 model.


Honda Baby NSX Patent Drawings








Power for Honda’s new roadster is expected to come from a 1.5 liter turbocharged 4 cyl. engine mated to a torquey electric hybrid system good for some 300 combined horsepower. Honda’s relationship with super car makers and F1 competitors McLaren is expected to be tapped for marketing purposes, as well, to help establish the car as a serious contender in the entry sports car market currently occupied by the Porsche Cayman, Mercedes SLK, and BMW Z4.


Source | Images: Digital Trends and Autovise, via Paul Tan.

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