VW Removes Diesel Option from US Website


Are you still pining away for a new Volkswagen diesel, despite the fact that the company has admitted to cheating on fully 11 million of their TDi’s emissions tests? If you are, you might be surprised by what you find over at Volkswagen’s US website. Or, rather, what you won’t find: diesels.

That’s right, kids. On the “Build Your Own Volkswagen” site where once you’d find diesel Jettas, diesel Golfs, diesel Passats, and more- you’ll now find the Volkswagen Touareg TDi as the brand’s sole diesel offering in the US. And that, as they say, is huge news.

In and of itself, the move seems to make sense. Since, you know, Volkswagen dealers currently aren’t allowed to sell their inventory of once-popular diesel vehicles. Is the move more significant than that, though? Over at Jalopnik, David Tracy shares his opinion, saying, “on one hand, since you can’t buy one, it makes sense that you can’t configure one. But on the other hand, many automakers offer configurators for vehicles not yet on the market. Volkswagen’s diesels will come back at some point, so why delete them from the website? Either Volkswagen has no ballpark idea of when diesels will make a comeback, or it’s just going to be a really long time from now.”

In case you’re wondering, my money’s on “it’s just going to be a really long time from now.” What about you guys? Let us know when you think VW diesels will make their way back to America in the comments section at the bottom of the page. Enjoy!


Source | Images: VW, via Jalopnik.

Jo Borrás

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