Top Alternative Transportation Jobs This Week

shutterstock_322558931Alternative transportation is what we do around here at Gas2, whether it’s fuel sipping hybrids, full blown EVs, bikes, or public transit. As an industry, it’s a great place to work, and a great way to make a living while making a difference. To sign up for a newsletter entirely devoted to our blog posts on alt transport jobs, simply sign up here.

Editor’s picks: this week’s top green jobs

Lead EV Charging Engineer

Company: EverCharge

EverCharge enables the widespread adoption of electric vehicles by providing multi-tenant properties with a scalable, fully managed charging solution at no cost to the association.

Installed directly in residents parking space, we avoid the pains of community or public charging and put the charging where you need it most. Leveraging patented power management technology EverCharge supports up to 10 times as many vehicles by intelligently allocating power significantly reducing infrastructure costs.


Python, MySQL, Embedded Systems, Linux, Embedded Linux, Electronics
$95K – $140K Salary
0.1% – 1.0% Equity


Hybrid Vehicle Systems Engineer

Company: Ford Motor

Systems engineering of next generation hybrid powertrains Support hybrid powertrain activities delivering to Drive Smart and Drive Green pillars Leadership in the developing of new hybrid systems design requirements and attributes Cross functional collaboration with hybrid and vehicle engineering groups Attribute and cost balance analysis of hybrid system design with performance Support definition of hybrid powertrain architecture and cascade engineering targets Coordinate with cross functional technical teams to meet program deliverables.

Financial and Business Manager

Company: Bicycles Against Poverty

Bicycles Against Poverty (BAP) is seeking a Financial and Business Manager to oversee the company’s finances, including its lease portfolio, financial systems, and accounting for a growing social enterprise. We’re looking for someone who loves data, numbers, systems, and of course, the start-up environment in East Africa. Location: Gulu, Uganda About the position: BAP is excited to be part of East Africa’s rapidly growing innovation space—we see limitless potential in the region and want a team member who has the same vision. We’re looking for a finance and business savvy individual to add strength to our management team. By September BAP will have over 1,000 active bicycle loans and will be adding new products to our line—we want the right person to oversee and manage the financial operations to ensure we stay on track with our growth. This position is well-suited for anyone who has a previous track-record in loan management and loves the start-up environment.

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Scott Cooney

Scott Cooney (twitter: scottcooney) is an adjunct professor of Sustainability in the MBA program at the University of Hawai'i, green business startup coach, author of Build a Green Small Business: Profitable Ways to Become an Ecopreneur (McGraw-Hill), and developer of the sustainability board game GBO Hawai'i. Scott has started, grown and sold two mission-driven businesses, failed miserably at a third, and is currently in his fourth. Scott's current company has three divisions: a sustainability blog network that includes the world's biggest clean energy website and reached over 5 million readers in December 2013 alone; Pono Home, a turnkey and franchiseable green home consulting service that won entrance into the clean tech incubator known as Energy Excelerator; and Cost of Solar, a solar lead generation service to connect interested homeowners and solar contractors. In his spare time, Scott surfs, plays ultimate frisbee and enjoys a good, long bike ride. Find Scott on