Coke and Pepsi Work to Reduce Vehicle Emissions


In a seemingly rare showing of corporate solidarity, both Coca-Cola and Pepsi have committed to reducing their use of high-carbon fuels, increasing the fuel efficiency of their car and delivery truck fleets, and increasing transparency when it comes to publicly reporting on their corporate green washing progress.

We’ve covered Coke and Pepsi’s efforts to green up their delivery fleets in the past, when Pepsi inked a deal with A123 Systems for a fleet of zero-emission commercial trucks and when Coke partnered with XL Hybrids to convert 140 of their Coca-Cola delivery vans to run on partial battery power, respectively.

This isn’t the type of story I normally post here on Gas 2- and that’s because stories like this are generally bulls***. Still, with their efforts to push the Plant Bottle into the automotive space, I kind of get the sense that the Coke guys are serious about going green where they can. Pepsi- well, Pepsi will do what Coke does.

Here’s some of the official mumbo-jumbo from the Coke/Pepsi talking heads ….

  • Through the Business for Social Responsibility Future of Fuels program, the companies are researching the sourcing of fleet fuels, the carbon intensity of those fuels, and ways that they can reduce reliance on high-carbon fuels.

  • Through the American Beverage Association, which is comprised of Coca-Cola, PepsiCo, and Dr. Pepper-Snapple Group, the companies have recently begun tracking their industry’s vehicle fleet efficiency and will regularly publicize that data and efforts they are taking to improve vehicle efficiency measures.

  • PepsiCo currently operates the largest all-electric delivery vehicle fleet in America. Coca-Cola operates the largest heavy-duty hybrid electric commercial truck fleet in North America. Both companies are actively working to add alternative fuel vehicles to their fleets.

… which doesn’t really say much of anything, at all (typical with this kind of news). Still, the mere fact that these companies, along with Pepsi-owned Frito-Lay, operate literally hundreds of thousands of vehicles is enough to make me believe that even a small effort could make a big difference.

Here’s hoping!


Source: Coca-Cola, Pepsi, via Forest Ethics.


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