Honda FCV Fuel Cell Sedan Featured In Tokyo

Honda FCV fuel cell sedan

Honda will have the largest display at this year’s Tokyo auto show and right in the middle of it will be the latest version of the Honda FCV fuel cell sedan it intends to start selling in the US next year. Sharp-eyed readers will notice right away that the car looks pretty good, unlike the downright ugly Toyota Mirai. Gone are the slab sides that looked like they were borrowed from a World War II era half-track. Instead, the new design has hints of the 10th generation Honda Civic as well as a bit of the hunky good looks that define the Nissan Maxima. Squint a bit and you might even see a little Tesla Model S in there too.

Honda hasn’t come up with a good name for the car yet, content to make do with FCV for now. It is saying very little about the car, in fact, other than it will have dual electric motors and 432 miles of range. Not only is the range about 100 miles more than the Mirai, the two motor design suggests the Honda FCV will have some actual performance, as opposed to the decidedly sluggish fuel cell car from Toyota.

Next door to the FCV will be a hybrid version of the popular Honda Odyssey minivan. Once again, the company is playing things close to the vest when it comes to details about the Odyssey, other than to say it will have a  Sport Hybrid-iMMD system. That’s Honda-speak for “intelligent Multi-Mode Drive,” a phrase that has been applied to other Honda models in the past. It suggests that new Odyssey will not get a plug-in hybrid option to compete with the upcoming Chrysler minivan.

Wander a bit further around the Honda stand, past the new Civic Type R and Acura NSX, and you will encounter two weird new mobility concepts — the Wander Stand and Wander Walker. The first looks like a four-wheeled duck blind that offers some weather protection for urban adventurers and the second is a grown-up version of the scooters you normally see traversing the aisles at Target or Walmart. Both are presumably electric, but once again, Honda is being stingy with details.

Honda is also showing off its three-wheeled NeoWing concept, designed to compete with similar vehicles from Polaris and others. Finally, Honda has brought back what looks for all the world like the Honda 50 scooter that started it all in the 50s. It’s called the Super Cub concept and it has an all-electric cousin as well. Everything old is new again. The 2015 Tokyo motor show will open its doors to the public on October 30.

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