Tesla Model S Projected Improvements — Elon Musk Danish TV Interview


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Update: This article has been updated to put some comments in better context.

With deliveries of the Tesla Model X SUV finally (after a very long wait) set to begin in a few hours, what’s next for the company? That’s the question many — especially Model S owners and soon-to-be owners — are asking themself. Well, of course, there’s the Model 3 unveiling currently set for next year; there’s the ongoing work at the Gigafactory construction site; there’s the ongoing work on the company’s autonomous-driving technologies; and, also, there’s the somewhat recently unveiled battery line (Tesla Energy).

That’s all quite a lot on its own, but a recent interview that Elon Musk gave on Danish television had plenty of extra comments on such topics and more.

On thing Musk noted, when prompted, was that a Model S could achieve a range of 1,200 kilometers (745 miles) to be achievable by 2020, amongst other things.

But this is based on extreme cases of record-breaking attempts. Musk commented that the current distance record for the Model S currently stands at over 700 kilometers (achieved by traveling the whole trip at 25 miles per hour).

Here’s a highlight of some of the other interesting comments made by Musk in the interview:

  • He wants to be selling 500,000 EVs a year by 2020.
  • He expects autopilot autonomous features to be available by that date.
  • While the technology is now simply in Beta testing, a “wide release” won’t have too long to wait.
  • While the technology will at first be limited to an automated-passing function, he’s aiming for the creation of a fully-autonomous system. He expects this to be possible within only 3 years, though regulatory hurdles may delay legalization for a few additional years.
  • “If civilization still exists” 20 years from now, Musk thinks that most new cars will be completely autonomous, and many of these will be EVs.

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  • James Rowland

    According to the interview, NO.

    Elon says 25% in one to two years and 50% in five years MAY be possible:

    “The record right now for a Model S is 800km” (that being 22mph hypermiling.)

    “My guess is probably we could break 1000km within a year or two” (context still being hypermiling.)

    That’s 25% more. Note the conditional; “could,” not “will.” No elaboration on what would be involved or whether they plan to make such a thing at that time.

    “We could probably make a car go 1200km” (by 2020) – again, “could.”

    So, 50% up from today in FIVE years.

    Is this just expected battery improvements? He doesn’t say, but that seems very optimistic, and far in advance of Tesla’s previously stated projection of 5% average improvement per year.

    Tesla’s had the option all along of stuffing more batteries into their platform, and I don’t doubt Elon can recall their modelling data at will. Doesn’t mean they’re actually going to sell anything with an XL battery pack, though.

    Maybe they have a big secret under their hat that will yield a huge step up in battery performance. I’ll be loving it if they do, but my gut tells me this is Elon doing his usual overpromise gig.

  • Marc P

    Autonomous driving… who wants it…??? NOT ME !