2017 Toyota Prius V AWD Crossover Gets Rendered

2017 Toyota Prius V AWD

In an alternate universe, a lifted, all wheel drive Toyota Prius V fitted with scratch-resistant fender flares and bumpers in matte plastic already exists — and it’s stealing business from the Volvo XC60 and Subaru Outback dealers in a big way.

That rendering was inspired, of course, by the all-new fourth-generation Toyota Prius that’s headed to market soon. That car is expected to reach dealers with some sort of all-wheel drive option when it arrives as a 2017 model early next year, and that all wheel drive option will help make the Prius a serious year-round contender in markets like Chicago and Milwaukee that see heavy snow. It also got us thinking: what if they made a Prius crossover?

Indeed, our own Steve Hanley thinks it’s a great idea. He wrote, “Add the all-wheel-drive system and better vehicle dynamics to the larger Prius V and you might just have a fuel-efficient, fun-to-drive, crossover-type vehicle that would appeal to lots of people other than tree huggers.”

What about you? Let us know what you’d make of an AWD Toyota Prius V based crossover aimed at the Subaru Outback / Volvo Cross Country (XC) market segment in the comments section at the bottom of the page.


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