The Perfect Tesla Raffle Will Benefit Climate XChange

The perfect Tesla raffle will award a new car plus money to pay taxes on it.

Climate is raffling off a brand new Tesla Model S or Model X. That news all by itself might be enough to get lots of people reaching for their wallets. But most new car raffles aren’t perfect; after you win the car, you have to sell it or take out a loan to pay the taxes on your winnings.

When Alan Langerman’s wife, Jessica, asked him to design a raffle to raise money for Climate XChange, he decided he wanted the winner to be able to just get in and drive without a lot of hassles or aggravation. That meant he had to create the perfect Tesla raffle. What does that mean? It means the winner gets $110,450 to put toward the purchase of either a Model S or Model X built just the way he or she wants it — right color, right equipment, and right interior options. But that’s not all.

The winner will also receive an additional $36,370 to pay any liability owed to the IRS, state income taxes, excise taxes, and registration fees. That would make the raffle almost perfect. What would it take to put it over the top on the perfection scale? The winner will also receive a Tesla wall charger and $500 to pay an electrician to install it. Now it’s perfect. Some would say it’s pluperfect!

Climate XChange is sponsoring a bill in the Massachusetts Senate proposed by Senator Mike Barrett (S1747) which would impose a fee on the use of fossil fuels so they reflect their true cost to society, including any environmental damage and health costs. When enacted, it will help Massachusetts meet its goal of reducing greenhouse gasses 90% by the year 2050.

Jessica Langerman is a passionate supporter of Climate XChange and Senate bill 1747. On Saturday, September 26, she urged an audience of 300 people to contact their elected officials and express their support for the legislation. She told a story by Barney Frank, who once said that if he got a call on a subject from one person, it was a kook; from two people, it was a coincidence; but from 6 people, it was a groundswell. She asked everyone to consider how a little effort on their part could have a significant impact on the political process.

When Alan Lagnerman isn’t designing raffles, he is driving his Tesla Model S. He invited all his Tesla buddies to stop by his home in Wellesley last Saturday and about 50 of them did. On Saturday afternoon, there were so many Teslas parked within a block or two of Alan’s home, some thought Elon Musk himself would stop by on his way home from Europe.

The raffle includes other electrically powered, non-polluting prizes, like a pair of electric bicycles, a suite of battery-operated power tools, and an electric autonomous vacuum cleaner, any one of which is worth more than the price of a raffle ticket. Jessica and Alan ask everyone to please contribute generously. If you win, you will have Alan Langerman to thank for your perfect Tesla raffle experience.

Photo by the author.


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