Tesla Tops Tennessee Charging Stations

The great state of Tennessee has seen its share of innovation. From Memphis to Oak Ridge to Nashville, the Volunteer State has been the site of much technological and social progress. With that said, the EV movement has taken hold with Tesla leading the way, and that EV company has recently been crowned for offering the most reliable chargers in the state.

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Most of the Tesla facilities are very new, which explains some of their consistency — all of Tesla’s “Supercharger” stations are less than a year old. A “perfect 10” rating has bestowed each station on PlugShare. Kudos go to Tesla, a company which maintains and deserves credit for leadership in so many aspect of the EV transition.

eVgo, responsible for handling two-year old Nissan-installed chargers at Nashville MAPCO Stations, has been faring well as well, with a 8.76 reliability rating, whereas Nissan-maintained chargers of the same age received a lower rating, 7.68. eVgo seems to be better at maintaining its equipment than Nissan itself.

High-speed chargers provided by Blink received the lowest reliability rating of 5.11, despite providing the quickest draw. However, its CHAdeMo stations are the oldest analyzed. The low rating is most likely a result of the poor financial status of the companies responsible for the ailing stations. Ecotality went bankrupt, sold to the generically named Car Charging Group, and neither company has fared well financially.

Image Credit: jpwhitenissanleaf.com

Of the locations assessed by jpwhitenissanleaf.com, Nissan Dealers showed better than Nissan Corporate Facilities. This despite getting a bad rap for preferentially prioritizing chargers and poor equipment maintenance. Despite an undeserved reputation, the dealers achieved a reliability rating of 8.45.

Interestingly enough, at the factory where LEAFs are assembled, the charging stations are relatively unreliable, with the Smyrna Factory Visitor Center being particularly faulty.

The only non-Tesla station to achieve a 10 rating is at the Green Hills YMCA. Cracker Barrel charging locations run by Blink are affected by the same challenges as their other locations. There are individual locations that received  high ratings, but low ratings of other locations run by the same group bring the average down.

Check out the original article to view a full explanation of the data and findings.

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