First Date: 2015 Toyota Prius V


“Like, an actual Prius V, not another one of those Prius Five things I drove last year?” I asked, as we set up my latest week-long test drive. “I’m definitely into it,” I explained, expressing my desire to drive the larger, wagony-er V. “I just want to make sure we’re talking about the right car.”


How We Met + First Impressions

I first met the Prius V (vee) several years ago at the Chicago Auto Show, where I was shuttled along an indoor “test track” along with three other comfortably seated adults. Having had lots of firsthand experience with the 2nd generation Prius, I was excited about the prospect of a bigger, roomier, and more powerful version coming to market and couldn’t wait to get my greasy little mitts on one. When I drove the V (five), I was underwhelmed from the start. But this time? This time we were definitely talking about the right car.

At first glance the 2015 Toyota Prius V isn’t overly large. It’s definitely closer in size and proportion to a Volvo station wagon, for example, than it is a minivan. That’s not to say the Prius V doesn’t have some van-like qualities, it’s just that driving it makes you think “wagon” more than “van”.


What I Learned

The 2015 Toyota Prius V arrived just as my little, yet much appreciated Yaris friend was leaving, so it had a tough act to follow. I loved the Yaris’ playful nature, easy to use controls, and simple, honest utility. The Prius V, though, showed up wearing the same bright red paint that the Yaris wore- but managed to wear it in a way that was much more “mature” and serious than the Yaris- and not in a bad way.

It’s just the first date, however. Let’s see where this one goes!


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