Turbocharged Suzuki Recursion May Be Real, After All

suzuki recursion

The lightweight, narrow, and sporty Suzuki Recursion concept bike made its debut at the 2013 Tokyo Auto Salon. It was a fun, forward-looking concept and we, of course, were immediately smitten with the bike’s turbocharged full sized power, mid-sized proportions, and street-biased purpose. It was only a concept, though, and we didn’t think that Suzuki would never actually build the thing.

Until yesterday, that is. That’s because, yesterday, Suzuki filed to trademark the name “Recursion” for use with motorcycles in both the US and European markets. With that filing, it seems certain that the small Japanese brand is set to launch a production version of the Suzuki Recursion in the coming months … possibly at the next Tokyo Auto Salon in January!

There will, obviously, be some changes between the “pure” 2013 Suzuki Recursion concept bike and the final production version. The road-going bike will have to carry mirrors and turn signals, as well as more substantial rear fenders and a license plate bracket. A second seat is also expected, which would probably beef up the concept’s “wasp-y” waistline (though, hopefully, not too much). No word, yet, on whether the production Recursion will carry the concept’s 588cc turbocharged engine, but turbos seem to be the way forward for ICEs, so I think the turbo is a safe bet.

That’s all speculation, though. All will be revealed soon enough- maybe real soon!


Suzuki Recursion Concept Bike

Source | Images: Suzuki, via Asphalt and Rubber.

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