550 Miles On A Single Charge In A Tesla Model S 85D

Last month, Bjorn Nyland of Norway managed to go 452.8 miles in his Tesla Model S P85D. This week, Corey Spencer broke Nyland’s record, and not by a little. He drove his Tesla Model S 85D nearly 100 miles further and still had a little more power left in the battery. His bottom gave out before the Tesla did.

To set the record of more than 550 miles on a single charge, Spencer made sure to start his journey after midnight when winds and traffic are both at their lightest. He also pumped up the tires until they were as hard as a vampire’s heart and planned his route along roads that had little elevation change, according to Autoblog.

How did Corey accomplish this feat? Simple. He drove at an average 22 miles an hour for 24 straight hours, testing the limits of human endurance to the breaking point. If you want to try this bit of silliness for yourself, make sure you have the dual motor car and the larger 85 kWh battery pack (or the slightly larger version with the 90 kWh battery). The Tesla’s onboard computers are programmed to maximize range by sending power to whichever motor has the best traction, thereby maximizing grip and efficiency.

Now that Spencer’s ordeal is over, Tesla can legitimately claim it makes the fastest and the slowest electric car on the road today. In the end, he averaged almost 3 miles per hour fewer than Bjorn Nyland did. Presumably, someone will now try going 15 mph for 36 hours in a new Model S 90D and go almost 700 miles on a single charge.

Is there a point to doing this? No, not really. In the time of the selfie, this qualifies as a high point in self-absorbed behavior, and that may be all the justification needed.

Steve Hanley

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