Best Electric Car For Average Joe?

Ah, that mythical creature — the “average person” or “average American.” What is the best electric car for the “average American?” It depends on what you consider average, but I’ll present a few scenarios below.

1 + 1 = 2

First of all, the average number of cars per household is just above 2. Generally speaking, that means that even if the household has one short-range electric vehicle, they have another vehicle that can be used for long-distance trips.

But for regular daily use, is a short-range electric car like the Nissan LEAF (84 miles of range), BMW i3 (81 miles of range), VW e-Golf (83 miles of range), or Kia Soul EV (93 miles of range) really adequate for the average person?

Considering that ~99% of trips are under 50 miles (leaving plenty of room for buffer) and ~90% of days have a total of just ~70 miles of driving (with plenty of time between trips to charge — whether from a charging station or a typical electricity outlet), I’d say it’s a given that >70 miles of range is plenty for the average person’s regular, daily needs.

Distance-Distribution-Car-Trips Car-trip-distance-cumulative Daily-distance-car-distribution daily-distance-car-distribution_cumulative

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Zachary Shahan

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