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Getting back to the “Electrifying Transport” panel I moderated during the Renewable Cities Global Learning Forum, this next presentation comes from Eve Hou. “Eve has been an air quality and climate change planner for over a decade in Canada and the United States,” the Renewable Cities site summarizes. “She currently works for Metro Vancouver on a broad range of issues ranging from electric vehicles to home energy labelling. She holds a Master’s degree in planning and an undergraduate degree in economics, both from the University of British Columbia. She currently serves on the Board of Directors for the local chapter of the Air & Waste Management Association. Eve is a registered professional planner.”

Eve’s presentation focused on a British Columbia campaign called “emotive.” Check it out here and then my summary:

Reinforcing the focus of my introduction to the panel, Eve noted that their research found electric vehicle awareness to be very low. 47% of Canadians weren’t aware of electric vehicles… at all, not to mention specific models. Also, unsurprisingly, people buy cars based on emotions.

On the plus side, their research found that the driving experience mattered most for car buyers, and as you all should know very well by now, one of the huge benefits of electric cars is the driving experience. In fact, I’ve argued that may be the #1 thing that drives the EV revolution.

In response to a question about what EV owners loved most about their vehicles, over 50% said “the power and performance,” 30% answered “the quietness of it,” and “only 11% said the social and environmental values,” as Eve summarized.

Research also found that the most persuasive messengers about EVs and their benefits are current EV owners (i.e., not people whose paid job it is to market electric cars).

Here’s a wonderful video created for the emotive campaign.

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s shared before, below is the audio of the full panel if you want to hear the full panel right now and just want to listen. Otherwise, I’ll continue writing about each of the presentations in the coming days. Also, btw, you can download slides from most of the Renewable Cities presentations here if you are interested in diving deeper into the conference.


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