Edison Electron One With Graphene Battery Coming In 2016?

CNN Money reports that Sunvault Energy and Edison Power Company have joined forces to produce an electric supercar featuring 4 electric motors, 1,000 lb-ft of torque, and a ground-breaking “graphene integrated hydrogen fuel cell” that can recharge in just 5 minutes. Oh, and the car will be here in the Spring of 2016. By my lightning-like calculations, that is less than 8 months from now. Really……

Does the Edison Electron One exist?

Named the Edison Electron One, it will have an electric motor for each wheel and blast to 60 mph in under 2 seconds. Company officials take delight in saying it will outperform any Tesla, Ferrari, or McLaren ever made. Here’s more of their happy talk:

“We are excited to be producing this truly revolutionary automobile that will put our Graphene Energy Storage Device front and center on the world stage at the simple turn of a key,” says Sunvault Energy chief executive officer Gary Monaghan. “The Electron One will not only be able to challenge any vehicle in performance, but will also be fully flexible, functional and convenient, just as a fuel-filled vehicle is today.”

Here’s more: “The fuel cell will be powered by an on demand hydrogen generation unit built into the car and will only require water,” commented Dr. Robert Murray-Smith, Director of Sunvault Energy. “With our Energy Storage Device, reliability and peace of mind are wrapped in one design,” added Gary Monaghan, CEO of Sunvault Energy.

So, an electric supercar that makes its own hydrogen for a fuel cell with enough power to move a car forward in truly epic fashion and all it needs is water and some electricity? Not only that, when the power gets low, it can be rejuvenated in just 5 minutes at a recharging station? My goodness. Jay Leno and Jeremy Clarkson must be placing their orders as we speak.

Not surprisingly, the Edison Electron One is available only upon special order. There is no word on how much it costs or what it looks like. But don’t fret. Former New Mexico governor Bill Richardson, one of the stars of the first Clinton administration, is involved in the project, so you can send your money off with no worries.

Some of the claims for this car are intriguing. What exactly is a graphene battery? Who makes it and how does it work? And precisely how does the hydrogen generator work? Inquiring minds want to know. Sadly, there are no answers to these questions. A search of Google failed to turn up any evidence that the car is real. Caveat emptor.

A little more hard information about this car would be nice. Perhaps we will know more when the companies present their new technology at The Battery Show 2015 in Detroit in two weeks. It is the premier showcase for the latest advanced battery technology, says CNN (and as you’ll see if you click that link and scroll down, Gas2 sister sites CleanTechnica and EV Obsession are media partners).

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