We Need to Talk: 2015 Toyota Yaris SE

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There’s no point in beating around the bush on this one. I really, really liked the little red 2015 Toyota Yaris SE I test-drove last week. There were a few things, small things, that kept it from being perfect. For the first time since we started using this “car dating” format, though, this was a car that I could really see myself living with for the long haul.


You’re Awesome

The 2015 Toyota Yaris SE really rewards enthusiastic driving. Don’t get me wrong — the Yaris is no Honda CRX or Mazda Miata, but it’s more than willing to be pitched into corners and feels leagues ahead of the equally tiny Chevy Spark or the comparably priced Nissan Versa SR. Both of those cars were fun, but the Yaris is a more willing playmate. Factor in the Toyota’s superior resale value and a reputation for Japanese reliability that has eluded the Versa, and the Yaris is the easy choice, here.


Final Thoughts: 2015 Toyota Yaris SE

As I said before, the Yaris isn’t perfect. In a car this size and with this power level, I’d want a manual transmission to ramp up the fun factor. Even without the manual, though, the car is fun enough — and I never saw less than 29 average MPG, no matter how hard I pushed the Yaris. The only thing keeping me from keeping the Yaris, honestly, was the $17,835 as-tested price for the car I was driving. It’s not even that I thought the price was too high — it just seemed like I could buy an awful lot of used car for the same money. You know?

If you’re the type of person who is set on buying a brand new car to get you around town, however, you could do far, far worse than picking up a 2015 Toyota Yaris SE.

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