Onean Launches Motorized, Electric Surfboard

With classic, surfboard styling and a 4400W dual-core brushless electric motor mated to a high-efficiency axial water pump at the rear, Onean’s electric surfboard is ready to carve up the water without wearing out its riders.

We’ve covered motorized surfboard concepts before on Gas 2, and were impressed with the Lampuga electric surfboard concept earlier this year. That beast would jet across the waves (or lack thereof) at more than 30 MPH, and promised to herald in a totally new form of surfing. With a price tag set at close to $15,000, however, the only thing the Lampuga is going to herald in is a totally new form of bankruptcy.

The Onean Carver is different. For starters, it has a much more finished appearance and a size/graphic art package that is more in keeping, I think, with the kind of surf culture I experienced on Satellite/Cocoa Beach. It also has a price tag of $3800- or just about 1/4 of the price of the Lampuga.

There’s almost zero chance of us ever getting an Onean board to test for Gas 2, but I’m holding out hope- if only because I find the thought of surfing up the Chicago River is oddly appealing (even if it is mostly, you know, poop). If that ever happens, I’ll give you the full rundown. Until then, I’ll just ask you guys to check out the video, compare this electric surfboard to some of the other electric PWC that are out there, and let us know if you think it’s worth the $3800 ask in the comments section at the bottom of the page.


Onean Electric Surfboard

ONEAN Electric Surf Board

Source | Images: Cool Material.

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