Tesla Software Version 7.0 With Autopilot

Some details and screenshots of a beta version of Tesla’s 7.0 software update, which will include several autopilot or autonomous driving features, have recently been leaked. A Norwegian who is apparently not in the beta testing group, and actually drives a Model S 60 not equipped with autopilot, somehow got the options on his touchscreen… for a short time. Odd, but we’ll take what we can get. 😀

Tesla autopilot 7.0

So, what does the 7.0 update include? Here’s a snapshot:


In addition to currently available active cruise control (which adjusts your speed to match that of cars in front of you), one of the most anticipated features of the updated autopilot software is going to be autosteer. Basically, this feature is supposed to keep you in a lane, and we’re pretty sure we’ve seen Tesla employees testing it out with Model X on the highway, where it looked to be working quite well.

Worried about your Tesla not reading the road markings well? In cases where it senses trouble with that, the autopilot software will actually beep until you put your hands on the wheel. Nifty.

Automatic Lane Change

Somewhat related to autosteer, Automatic Lane Change will change lanes for you if you request it to by hitting the turn signal. Very simply, that’s all there is to it (on your part). You tap the left or right turn signal, and your Tesla moves you into the appropriate lane when the coast is clear. (But with all responsibility still on your shoulders, of course.)


Autopark is the autopilot feature likely to see the most use. As would be expected, it parks the car for you (including parallel parking). It will even tell you when it spots a parking space! That’s helpful, eh?

While more updates are expected down the road (no pun intended) that will allow the car to park or pick you up with no one in the vehicle, it seems the coming update is only for auto parking with a human behind the wheel. Pity.


Considering that beta testers reportedly just got access to these new autopilot features, and Elon Musk said on the most recent conference call that the autonomous driving features would likely be pushed out to the entire fleet approximately one or two months after that stage, we shouldn’t have too long to wait until we can see the real deal in action.


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