Russian Bikers Answer “What Do You Do When it Rains?”

In many ways, motorcycles are just better than cars. They’re smaller, nimbler, easier to park, require fewer resources to build and maintain, and offer super car-beating performance combined with fuel economy figures that even some of the most fuel-efficient small cars can barely match. Despite all these clear advantages, however, there is one continuous, ridiculous question ever rider eventually gets asked: What do you do when it rains?

Most riders respond with a cavalier “I get wet.”, but the Ural-riding Russian bikers in the video, above, are not most riders. And, if you doubt that, just watch the way these hard-assed Russian bikers jam their sidecar hacks through a raging, flooding river in the video, above.


What is a Ural, and Why Do Russian Bikers Have Them?

URAL Motorcycle Sidecar

Based primarily on WW2-era BMW technology, the Ural was produced in Irbit, Russia throughout the cold war. Much like Porsche’s 911 or the Harley Davidson V-twin, the Ural was continuously developed, and is now known as one of the most durable, go-anywhere vehicles in the world. That, and the bike’s hardcore cold war image, have made it a favorite among serious Russian bikers.

The sidecar rig on the Ural is more than just a place to put people, parcels, and power plants


… it actually carries a (fully removable) diff and axle, which sends power to the outside wheel. That 2WD traction is a unique feature to the Ural, and plays a big part in our heroes’ survival up there.


Source | Images: Real Funny Stuff, via Asphalt and Rubber.

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