Project 2&4 Heads to Frankfurt w/ Moto GP Power

Honda Project 2&4 Rendering

Honda’s $100,000 road-going Moto GP project has been a long time coming, but there’s no denying that the high-tech super cycle is worth the wait. The bike’s ultra-high revving and ultra-sexy 1000cc V4 engine is a jewel. It’s so good, in fact, that Honda seems to want to share it with its automotive division- and the result is the Project 2&4 concept car being teased here.

Honda plans to reveal the Project 2&4 at the upcoming Frankfurt show, along with a whole lot of bespoke technology developed specifically for the car. Most notably, the transmission, which would have to be able to handle the car’s stratospheric RPM redline AND incorporate a reverse gear (for, you know, actual driving).

Based on the teaser image, below, the artists at Autocar believe the car will be a single-seater with the driver hanging on one side of the center line. If that’s true, the engine and transmission would have to offset the weight on the other side- but that may not be the only interpretation of the “2&4” nomenclature that Honda says will provide “the freedom of a motorcycle and the maneuverability of a car.” What if it looks like the Detonator, from M.A.S.K.?


I, for one, would love to bomb down Michigan Ave. on a long, low 4-wheeler like that. What about you? Check out the official teaser image, below, the Autocar drawing (at top), then let us know what you think of Honda’s ultralight concept in the comments section.


Honda Project 2&4 (Official Teaser)

Honda Project 2&4 Teaser

Sources | Images: Honda, Autocar.

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