Horse Cycles Sidecar Bike Can Really Haul (Stuff)

Horse Cargo Trike / Sidecar

Sidecars are funny things. You don’t think about them for days or weeks at a time, then- all of a sudden- you see two or three on the same day. Today’s second helping of sidecar goodness comes in the form of the Horse Cycles sidecar- a hand-crafted cargo bike that combines the utility of a bike trailer with the stability and security of a tricycle.

The Horse Cycles sidecar, of course, isn’t the only sidecar bicycle out there. Unlike the Italian-made “Bad Bike” we covered last year, however, the Horse is less about moving people and more about moving parcels. Or, in the case of our dashing hipster model (above), a surfboard.

Horse Cycles makes the bikes in Brooklyn, NY, along with other products like wood-handled knives, a waxed cap, and a Hudson Bay-style axe. The axe, by the way, is beyond cool– even if it lacks the folk-song stardom of a Peavey or the head-splitting technology of a Vipukirves LeverAxe. This post, however, is about the bikes. This is what Horse has to say about its $4,500 sidecar bike:


The Sidecar Bicycle is a stout three wheeler with a hardwood flatbed and a small 12″ wheel. Here at Horse, we use it for work and for play. It’s perfect for hauling packages around town, but after hours we throw a surfboard or two on her and cruise down to the beach. It has approximately a 100lb load capacity = 3 large dogs. Made entirely of super strong chromoly alloy steel, this bike was built strong and Horse tough.

The bike is sized with a small seat 52 cm tube, so most anyone can fit on her with longer super chill cockpit and a 57cm top tube.

The bicycle comes complete and ready to ride with 35mm tires, Brooks Saddle and Brooks Grips. The flatbed is made of hardwood oak, but is also available in reclaimed Coney Island Boardwalk salvaged from Hurricane Sandy.

And, no, you didn’t read that incorrectly. This hand-crafted, human-powered cargo hauler carries a price tag that’s on par with some pretty dependable used cars. Those won’t get you around town in this kind of style, though- and they certainly lack the Horse’s reclaimed/re-used appeal. Still … does the bike have $4500 worth of appeal?

Let us know if you think Horse’s sidecar bike is worth the asking price in the comments section at the bottom of the page, or visit the source link and buy one of your very ownsome. Enjoy!


Horse Sidecar Bike

Source | Images: Horse Brand bicycles, via Cool Material.

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