Qualcomm Acquires CSR For $2.4 Billion

On August 13, Qualcomm announced its newest acquisition, CSR plc (Cambridge Silicon Radio, not the Coalition for Sustainable Rail). The $2.4 billion deal nets Qualcomm Global Trading Pte. Ltd, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Qualcomm Incorporated, with “a leading fabless provider of end-to-end semiconductor and software solutions for the Internet of Everything (IoE) and automotive segments.”


CSR, a pioneer of Bluetooth and wireless connectivity, was founded in 1998–99 when the company diverged from Cambridge Consultants. Since then, the company has been a major player in the technology of wireless connectivity. 3G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, aptX, and various audio and imaging technologies have all been influenced and shaped by CSR. Cell phones, automotive “infotainment,” telematics, navigation systems, tablets, GPS devices, and so many more devices have used CSR technology. Over the last 15 years, CSR has partnered with Samsung, Clarity Technologies, Trident Microsystems, Zoran, UbiNetics, APT Licsensing, SiRF, and Motorolla via Nordnav.

“We are pleased to join a recognized leader such as Qualcomm Technologies at an exciting time as customers race to satisfy the growing consumer desire for more and more seamlessly connected devices in their ‘smart’ homes, offices and cars,” said Joep van Beurden, chief executive officer, CSR. “Our employees have a strong history of pioneering new products and collaborating with customers to deliver critical technology requirements such as interoperability, low power and connectivity. Together with Qualcomm Technologies, we are better positioned to meet our customers’ needs today and into the future.”

“As we strive to connect billions more devices, automobiles and people within the Internet of Everything, we are enthusiastic about the growth that this combination will foster,” says Steve Mollenkopf, chief executive officer, Qualcomm Incorporated. “CSR’s complementary strengths in connectivity, audio technologies and systems-on-chips will help strengthen Qualcomm Technologies’ position in the IoE and automotive industries, and add to a broad and highly advanced portfolio.”

In the automotive industry, CSR was of course involved in developing GPS systems and will continue to develop technology to seamlessly connect smartphones, homes, and cars.

Kyle Park Points

is a working father in New York City by way of Sarasota, Florida. He is a public transportation enthusiast, clean air advocate, lifetime recycler and frequent panderer. He also reluctantly tended to his family's compost heap for many formative years. He hopes to one day leave his daughter with a safer, healthier environment than when she was born - which shouldn't be hard since she was born in Queens, New York.