SIP Goes Hard CORsica in Epic Road Trip Video

No vans. No cars. No help. Just a group of Vespa-riding friends who work at Germany’s SIP Scooter Shop who decided to see if their tiny two-wheelers have what it takes to tour the island of Corsica in the French Mediterranean. Corsica’s elevation changes and tight, mountain roads make the island a challenge for any bike- but for a scooter? You can see why they called this ride “Hard CORsica”!

Now, I get that this whole exercise is basically an elaborately conceived plan for the guys at SIP to write off their exotic French vacations and aftermarket performance upgrades. I applaud their tax-evading efforts, though, and love the fact that they actually accomplished their stated goal- they proved that a well-sorted and properly maintained 90 MPG Vespa is more than enough bike to take over the river and through the woods all over Corsica’s tight, twisting roads.

You can check out the Hard Corsica road trip video at the top of this page, and let us know if you’re planning an epic, scooter-powered road trip or rally of your own this summer. If it’s sufficiently fun, suitably green, and has decent production values then we’ll definitely help you get the word out on these pages!


SIP Scooter Shop v. Corsica

SIP Scooter Shop

Source | Images: SIP Scooter Shop.

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