Cheapest Tesla Model S Yet?

Ever since the Tesla Model S certified pre-owned (CPO) program was announced and launched, I’m sure many a Tesla fanatic has been dreaming of landing a great deal on a slightly used Model S, and maybe even getting a Model S for the lowest price ever. One lucky hustler from Ohio may now hold claim to the cheapest Tesla Model S via the CPO program (or anywhere). “HustleSimmons” got a 2013 Tesla Model S with just 20,000 miles, Supercharger access, and a number of other add-ons for a bargain price of $42,900.


It was a Tesla Model S 40 (no longer sold, as the lower battery size reportedly wasn’t moving well), but the thing is, all Tesla Model S 40s had 60 kWh battery packs — they were just locked — and Tesla unlocks them for CPO purchasers. So, HustleSimmons effectively got a Model S 60 for an insane deal.

The lucky new owner has a 2012 Chevy Volt with a lease ending in October. As the ending of the lease was approaching, he made the decision to jump up a grade for a used Model S rather than go for a new 2016 Chevy Volt. He apparently has decent enough social skills, as he got the sales manager at his local Tesla store to help find him a good deal, and it was indeed this Tesla employee who found him the deal… before it even hit the CPO site.

Perhaps that’s a lesson for anyone looking for a superb offer on a used Tesla — make friends with some local Tesla employees who are willing to keep a close eye on used Teslas rolling in. A bit of luck never hurts either, right?

Zachary Shahan

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