Ludicrous Tesla P90D — 1st Reactions (+ Video!)

People who can tell the difference between a car that goes from 0 to 60 mph in 3.1 seconds and one that goes from 0 to 60 mph in 2.8 seconds are possibly a very special breed. Aside from the tiny difference of 0.3 seconds, when you’re accelerating that fast, your senses and awareness get utterly warped.

So, my guess is that reactions to the Ludicrous Tesla Model S P90D will be very similar to the Insane Tesla Model S P85D. Nonetheless, we’ve all been itching for the first reactions and first reaction videos. We now have some! And there do seem to be some noticeable differences that you can actually feel.

I’ll start with the video, which doesn’t show much, but is more or less what I’d expect:

On to some text

First of all, in case you weren’t aware, an important thing to know is that the Ludicrous P90D and Insane P85D are equal up to about 30 mph. It’s from ~30 to 60 mph that the Ludicrous P90D gains 0.3 seconds on the Insane P85D. With that said, here are the words of an actual P90D owner, “USAFsparky” on the Tesla Motors Club forum:

The P85D is definitely INSANE 0-30 MPH then the pull drops off considerably…..It’s still unlike any Sedan on the road today…..EXCEPT the P90D. I wasn’t sure what the difference would be or if one could really quantify it – BUT you can. The pull off the line is greater than 1G now and its all the way through 60 MPH. Seriously, its all you can do to hang on to the wheel and keep your eyes open. I recommend making sure your seat is where you want it because that force will push you back in the cracks of your seat. The first time I hit 75 MPH, I had to let off and just pull over and think about what just happened. I should have eaten breakfast first because I was a little nauseous after the first run and the fact that I was still getting the blood circulation back to my face said a lot. I can only compare the feeling to a very serious amusement park ride where you just have to sit for a minute and get yourself back together. I think the passenger’s perspective will be different since they are just along for the ride and wont know what to expect and that is what is just LUDICROUSLY going to be the fun part. Going to get a few friends together for a trip to the store……LOL

Hmm, I’m not sure how safe this Ludicrous thing is…. Seriously.

And here’s another short initial review from user “mkspeedr” (same forum thread):

I drove the P90D yesterday. I was able to launch it and test it at different speeds. I am stupid and forgot to write down power consumption and I didn’t have anything to time 0-60 but it definitely feels faster from 30+ miles an hour. I would say it is a little faster from a launch but not a significant difference. The guy with me said it was significantly faster from 60 mph than a P85D. I was impressed. Yes, I have hundreds of a launches from my P85D so I know the feeling very well. That being said – my opinion is worthless without real data. Sorry.

The quickness of the Ludicrous P90D is indeed supposed to really show it’s superiority at those higher speeds, as I’ve written somewhere based on Tesla/Elon Musk statements. Another initial review, this one from redditor “enzo32ferrari,” echoes the points above:

This was at the Scottsdale Fashion Square Tesla showroom. I noticed a slight difference between the P85D’s Insane Mode and P90D’s Ludicrous Mode; while both definitely pin you to your seat at launch, the P85D’s effect seems to taper off before you get to 60 mph and the whole sensation of being pushed back in your seat is negligible as it hits and passes 60 mph.

Ludicrous mode, the sensation of being pinned to your seat is stronger; I was in the passenger seat when the Tesla rep launched it; my stomach felt as if I was going on a straight drop on a roller coaster and my vision seemed to grey out for a bit …

Not only are you pinned at the initial launch, you are still pinned to your seat as the speed approaches near 60, at 60, and well into the ~70 mph range …

Well, what more do you need to read? Now we’re just waiting for more videos to roll in… or, more honestly, for the opportunity to drive and ride in one of these beasts.

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