First Date: 2015 Toyota Yaris

2015 Toyota Yaris

“Do you really want to send me another Lexus?” I asked Toyota’s fleet manager, upon hearing that my next vehicle would be the 2015 Lexus ES Hybrid. “You know I’m just going to say it’s overpriced, then I’m going to complain about the infotainment system, and then I’m going to tell people to buy a Toyota Avalon, instead. Who does that help?”

He laughed, of course. “Well, most people would love to drive around in a free Lexus for a few days,” he said (more or less — I’m paraphrasing, here). “But if you want to drive my Yaris, I’ll be more than happy to leave that with you, instead.”

A 2015 Toyota Yaris? A small, nimble, and honest little commuter with a small footprint, a low price tag, and a towering reputation for reliability and fuel economy? Yes, please! A few days later, a 2015 Toyota Yaris SE 5 door appeared wearing a set of 16 inch alloy wheels, a coat of “Absolutely Red” paint, and not a whole lot else.

As far as first dates go, this one seemed more than promising!


How We met + First Impressions

As I mentioned, above, the Yaris drive happened more-or-less organically after I declined the opportunity to take out the Yaris’ more polished and expensive sibling. In person, the Yaris is a bit better looking than it is in pictures — which is surprising in the day of post-process editing. It’s not a squat and ultra-sporty snarler, like it seems to be in some articles. Nor is it a stripped-down soul-crushing beater, as you might expect. Instead, the 2015 Toyota Yaris SE is — well, kinda cute.


What I Learned

Despite my lack of appreciation for most of the Yaris’ pricier stablemates, I was pleasantly surprised to find that the 2015 Toyota Yaris SE was fairly well-appointed. It lacked the huge screen and navigation system that inhabits the bigger Lexii and Toyotas, sure, but it also lacked their abominably stupid mouse/track pad thing, which is a huge win.

In place of Enform, the Yaris featured a functional, double-DIN audio unit that had no problem connecting to my iPhone 6 Plus and playing music, podcasts, and more. The interface was simple and intuitive, as were the HVAC and cruise controls. Heck — even the seats had lumbar support and side bolstering in all the right places!

Guys, I know it’s just the first date … but I’m really excited about this one!


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