More Production Delays for Reborn Honda NSX Hybrid


Despite its coming out party commercial during the 2012 Super Bowl, fiery test sessions at Germany’s Nürburgring, a revamped Ohio factory, and numerous racing appearances over the last few years, the second-generation Honda NSX still hasn’t seen series production. The most recent “official” production date schedule had the first customer NSXs rolling off the line this fall, but there’s been some bad news: Acura is delaying production until spring of 2016.

Acura and Honda officials are citing the change from the hybrid sports car’s initial, naturally-aspirated and transverse-mounted V6 configuration (which, like to the original Honda NSX, mirrors the layout found in the Honda Accord sedan) to a longitudinally-mounted twin-turbo V6 layout as the reason for the delay. That’s despite the fact that Honda showed a (supposedly) production-ready NSX at the Detroit Auto Show in January of this year.

If you’re reading between the lines of that last paragraph, you might notice that I’m not buying Honda’s official story for the NSX’s continued delays.

Whether you believe Honda’s reasons or not is up to you, but we’d love to hear your take on the never-ending Honda NSX production delays in the comments section at the bottom of the page. In the meantime, Jon Ikeda, Acura VP and general manager, has announced that he will hold a dealer conference “sometime in October” to answer that question for anxious dealers, who will now have to wait until the 2017 model year to start cashing in on the new Honda NSX.

Here’s hoping that there aren’t too many more delays!


Source | Photos: Acura, via Automobile Magazine.

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