2015 Toyota Prius C Earns a Top Safety Pick + Rating

The perceived crash-worthiness (or, lack thereof) of small cars in a world dominated by pickups and SUVs is something car makers have always struggled to overcome. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) made that job harder in the past year, when its independent tests showed that most small cars struggled to get an “acceptable” rating. Toyota took the IIHS’ findings seriously, and redesigned their compact Prius C hybrid commuter with safety clearly placed as a front-and-center design priority.

The end result of Toyota’s tinkerings? The IIHS just awarded the 2015 Toyota Prius C with a Top Safety Pick + rating- the highest the group offers!

To get that safety rating Toyota made a number of “… structural improvements to the front end and occupant compartment” on Prius C models manufactured after May 2015. The updates happened to coincide with a slight styling update, as well, making it that much easier for prospective Prius buyers to get the “right” version of the super-efficient Prius C.


2015 Toyota Prius C | It’s this One

Updated 2015 Toyota Prius C

Despite the car’s improved safety compared to the outgoing model, it isn’t a tank. Green Car Reports noted that the 2015 Toyota Prius C’s “seat belts and airbags did not adequately restrain crash-test dummies” in the front offset crash. Although it is worth noting that the managed to score a “good” ratings (the highest possible) in each of the other four IIHS crash test scenarios.


Source | Images: IIHS, via Green Car Reports.

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