Meet Australia’s Immortus Solar Car

Immortus solar car will debut at SEMA 2015

The Immortus solar car is a bespoke electric sports car from EVX Ventures, a partnership between the electric vehicle research group at Swinburne University of Technology in Melbourne, Australia, and experienced local engineers who have designed and produced award-winning solar racing cars. The EVX engineering team is led by electric vehicle expert Dr Clint Steele.

Co-Founder & CEO of EVX Barry Nguyen tells, “Without government funding so far, we have made significant progress in our R&D and getting closer to turn our ambitious vision into a reality. With the strong leadership of Dr Clint Steele, we have succeeded in keeping our approach lean through working with final year engineering students and new graduate engineers.”

According to the EVX website, “The Immortus is a limited edition bespoke sports car powered by the sun – a world first in this category. Inspired by the world portrayed in post-apocalyptic movies, the Immortus is designed to exhibit a toughness that no other car has: endurance.”

EVX claims their solar car will be aesthetically pleasing, have true sports car performance, and be able to make drivers completely independent so they don’t need to rely on service stations in certain environmental conditions.

The Immortus will debut at the SEMA 2015 show in November, but EVX has other arrows in its quiver when it comes to innovative technology. First and foremost is an aftermarket plug-in hybrid retrofit kit that turns any conventional car into an all wheel drive vehicle with better fuel economy and greater performance. That kit has already attracted the attention of a large OEM parts manufacturer in Melbourne.

EVX also will showcase an air-cooled lightweight battery box for lithium ion batteries and shock absorbers that generate electricity from bumps in the road to help recharge the battery of an EV or plug-in hybrid while you drive.

With all its innovative ideas, EVX should get plenty of attention at its SEMA booth this fall.

Steve Hanley

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