Capital Bikeshare Expands To Iconic Locations in Washington DC

A leading bikesharing program plans to significantly expand its reach across the US capital, enhancing access to pedal-powered vehicles amongst the city’s commuters.

Capital Bikeshare

Capital Bikeshare has unveiled plans to deploy 8 more bikeshare stops to the Arlington area by the start of next year — a radical increase compared to the single station that currently operates on North Meade Street at the Iwo Jima Memorial.

The new stations, situated along the George Washington Memorial Parkway, will provide convenient access to bicycles at the capital’s most iconic site, including Arlington National Cemetery, the Pentagon, and Reagan Washington National Airport.

Other stations along the route will be located at Crystal City, Gravelly Point Park, Joint Base Myer/Henderson Hall, and Rosslyn.

The cost of the 8 new stations is pegged at around $286,000, to be funded using federal money allocated to the county.

According to local government officials in Arlington, the new stations will “help fill Capital bikeshare gaps” between Arlington County, the District, and Alexandria, thus improving convenience of access to users of shared bicycles within the area.

The Capital Bikeshare program already has impressive coverage within the US capital, establishing over 350 stations throughout the Washington, DC, region.

The program places more than 3,000 bicycles at the disposal of residents and visitors to the cities, providing a range of time options to participants, as well as a complementary 30 minutes riding time at the outset of each trip.

Bikesharing schemes are enjoying a surge in popularity in major population centres throughout the United States, as cities endeavour to reduce congestion and traffic-related pollution, as well as improve the physical well-being of denizens.

Major American cities that have already deployed or plan to deploy bikesharing programs include Austin, Boston, Houston, New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Diego, San Francisco, and Seattle.

The programs are also proving popular in other parts of the world that are striving to address the issue of urban traffic congestion, with countries deploying a large number of such programs, including China, Italy, and Spain.

Image via Capital BIkeshare

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