Bjorn Nyland Wins Tesla Referral Contest

Bjorn Nyland lives in Norway, where he is a huge Tesla fan. In fact, he has long had his own YouTube channel where he posts videos of his trips in his Tesla Model S in Norway and other nearby European countries, and he now has a huge fanbase.

Tesla Model X

When Tesla announced its refer-a-friend program late last month, Nyland posted a new video asking his many friends and followers to help him win the Tesla referral contest. Apparently, they did, because Bjorn became the first person in the world to refer 10 people. That is going to make him a lot of money.

Let’s recap. Under the terms of the program, a Tesla owner who refers someone who then buys a new Tesla Model S before the end of October, 2015 is awarded a $1,000 credit which can then be put toward the purchase of a new Tesla, applied to any service at a Tesla facility, or used to buy accessories from the Tesla store. The person referred gets $1,000 off the price of a new Model S. (Note: Virginia law requires the full $2,000 go to the person buying the car. Other states may have similar requirements, but we haven’t heard of any others.)

But that’s just the beginning of the Tesla rewards program. Refer 5 people and you will be invited to the gala grand opening celebration for the Gigafactory next year. You will also be eligible to buy a Founder Edition of the Model X, which is not available to the public and includes almost $25,000 worth of options not found on the basic car.

And it gets better still. The first person to refer 10 new Model S customers gets the Founder Edition Model X absolutely free (plus the $10,000 bonus for referring 10 people). The company keeps track of the contest on its website. On August 7, Nyland was the only person listed with 10 referrals, so he tweeted Elon Musk to ask if he had won. Musk tweeted back:

If you are looking for a well cared for Tesla Model S and live in Norway, contact Bjorn Nyland shortly after he receives his brand new Founder Edition Model X.

Editor’s Note: Many of us who have enjoyed Bjorn’s videos for years love the guy and think he is the perfect person to win this prize. Congrats, Bjorn! –Zachary Shahan

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