Robert Llewellyn Doesn’t Like Tesla P85D, Tells It Like It Is (Video)

Robert Llewellyn, star of the show Fully Charged (and an actor, comedian, and writer better known for other things), tells it like it is. Despite owning a Tesla Model S 85 and watching plenty of Tesla P85D videos, there’s no preparation for the P85D.

Well, I guess there is some preparation you could do, such as jumping out of an airplane. The thing is, while many of us would enjoy jumping out of an airplane, some just don’t deal with such things well. Robert also compares it to a fairground ride, which he doesn’t like — and it seems he doesn’t really like the feelings he gets when launching the P85D in Insane Mode. I’ve compared it to riding a rollercoaster many times, and I’m sure others have as well, and while many of us like riding rollercoasters, the thing is, some people get so nauseous from it that they don’t enjoy the experience.

I knew from Chris DeMorro’s review and my own experience and review of the P85D that watching P85D reaction videos simply doesn’t prepare you for the experience, but it’s interesting to see that owning a Model S 85 doesn’t prepare you for it any better. And Robert does note that his Model S 85 is “more than adequate for anything I’ve ever dreamt of” (when it comes to acceleration).

He also notes that his watt-hours per mile are much lower in his Model S 85, indicating that the P85D comes with an efficiency hit… particularly if you are repeatedly deciding to “step on it.”

However, Robert does note that the steering on the P85D is superb. He calls it “monstrously good grip.” I will vouch for that. While driving it, I said that it felt like driving a sports car or even a race car.

Anyway, if you haven’t watched the video yet, here it is:

You can also watch Robert’s 1,007 review of his Model S 85 here:


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