Honda HR-V is a “Perfect Fit”, According to This Video

As a fan of the original Honda CR-V, I’ve lamented the growth and feature creep that has plagued the latest CR-V in Honda’s US lineup. Nice as that car is, it’s just not the simple, versatile little wagon that the first-gen CR-V was. When Honda launched the smaller, simpler HR-V a little while ago, I was pretty excited about a new, compact SUV from Honda that might fit in my garage. I was nowhere near as excited as the guy in this Honda commercial, however!

Commissioned by Honda UK, the 60-second ad features a peculiar little hobbyist who seems to be obsessed with organization. A peculiar little hobbyist, I should add, who has found that his urban garage is just too cluttered for the small SUVs and crossovers in the “CR-V class”.

As the ad goes on, our hero keeps finding new and ingenious ways to store all his belongings, eventually creating just enough space for the HR-V.

Well played, Honda.

You can watch the full, 60-second Honda ad, above, and let us know how the 2015 Honda HR-V spot compares with some of your favorite Honda ads from, say, the last twenty years or so in the comments section at the bottom of the page. They’ve definitely had some good ones!


Honda HR-V

2015 Honda HR-V - rear 3/4

2015 Honda HR-V - front 3/4


Source | Images: Honda, via Paul Tan.

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