Is Mercedes Planning To Build An All-Electric SUV?


Mercedes-Benz is probably getting sick of Tesla’s ludicrous-ly fast Model S stealing the go-fast super sedan headlines that “should” be going to Mercedes’ own S65 AMG. They haven’t come out and said so, explicitly, of course — but the German car maker may already have plans to prevent the upcoming Tesla Model X crossover from stealing its SUV thunder, too. I say that because, if reports out of Germany are to be believed, Benz’ CEO finds the idea of an electric crossover “interesting.”

I know, I know. “Interesting” is pretty weak sauce to cook a story over. Keep in mind, however, this is Mercedes-Benz — a company that has stated time and time again that they would pursue EVERY niche that presents itself in the automotive market. That means super-tiny micro-cars (like the Smart), electric compacts (like the B Class EV), minivans (like the V Class), hybrid super sedans, and everything in between.

Add to that speculation the fact that Mercedes is downplaying comparisons between its G-Code electric concept crossover (shown, above) and Tesla’s upcoming Model X with comments like, “(Tesla is) simply too small a player for us,” and you can bet Mercedes’ CEO Dieter Zetsche is more than a little butthurt over the Model S eating the S Class’ lunch!

Expect an all-electric Mercedes crossover concept to arrive right about the same time as Tesla’s production Model X, then. You read it here.

Source | Images: Autovisie, via World Car Fans.

Jo Borrás

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